Gold Gleam Stack Ring

$ 25.00

  • Stackable 14 Karat gold fill ring hammered texture.
  • Please shoot me an email with the size of your choice. We also make half sizes. .
  • Each ring sold separately.
  • FAWN carries two different kinds of gold stack rings ("Gold Gleam Stack Ring" and "Gold Stack Ring"). So what's the difference you may ask? Well let me break it down for you. The Gold Gleam Stack Ring is slightly lighter in weight and the gold color looks more saturated and can even pass as brass (though I assure you both these rings are solid 14 karat gold fill). The other ring, Gold Stack Ring, has slightly smoother texture and is shinier. The gold color is milder and lighter. Which should you go with? It depends on your style. If you want more of a classic gold ring that you can wear everyday with your better basics, then go for the Gold Stack Ring. If you're on the edgier side and really want that gold to pop, then go for the Gold Gleam Stack Ring. Just have fun with them and don't just settle for one...they are stackable afterall. 

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